Diferentes tipos de tejido

Clothing is an extension of our personality and style. The different types of fabrics found in our garments not only determine the look and feel, but also the function and durability. From natural to synthetic fabrics, there is a vast selection to meet our diverse needs and tastes. In addition, within these types of fabrics, there are subtypes that offer even more variety. We will explore in detail these types of fabrics in clothing and their subtypes, and finish with an interesting look at textile painting.

Natural Fabrics


Cotton is known for its softness and comfort. Its subtypes include:

Pima: Soft and resistant, ideal for high quality clothing.
Muslin: Light and airy, perfect for summer clothing.


Linen is cool and absorbent, although prone to wrinkling. Its subtypes are:

Irish Linen: Famous for its quality and durability.
Damask linen: With intricate patterns, used in tablecloths.


Silk is luxurious and soft with a natural sheen. Its subtypes include:

Charmeuse: Soft and shiny, used in elegant clothing.

Dupioni: Textured and resistant, for suits and formal dresses.


Wool is warm and durable, with subtypes such as:

Merino: Extra soft and less prone to itch.
Mohair: Luxurious and shiny, known for its soft texture.

Synthetic Fabrics


Strong and wrinkle resistant, with subtypes such as:

Polyester Microfiber: Soft and breathable, used in sportswear.

Recycled Polyester: Ecological and sustainable.


Light and resistant, with subtypes such as:

Ripstop Nylon: Tear resistant, used in outdoor clothing.

Nylon Tricot: Soft and elastic, used in underwear.

Acrylic and Spandex

Both popular in sportswear, with subtypes such as:

Modacrylic Acrylic: Fire resistant and durable.

Spandex Lycra: Highly elastic and recoverable.

Textile Painting: A Touch of Creativity

Textile painting has revolutionized the way we design and customize clothing. With special inks and paints, we can create unique and vibrant designs that reflect our personality and style.

The types of fabrics in clothing offer a rich variety to meet all our needs, from everyday comfort to elegance on special occasions. Understanding these fabrics and their subtypes can enrich our shopping experience and enable us to choose the clothing that best suits our needs.

Whether you prefer the natural softness of Pima cotton or the durability of recycled polyester, there is a world of options waiting to be explored. And with textile painting, you can take your style a step further, creating unique pieces that truly reflect who you are.