Manos pintadas

As we said in the post on the choice of applicator, you can use any element to paint T-shirts, pants, sneakers or other fabric clothing.We have continued researching and testing and literally anything you can think of can be used to give an innovative shape to your design, from a piece of fruit, a piece of lego, or the wheels of a toy car.It really sounds like a Sunday that gets out of hand, but you can get away with using anything.

But today we want to talk about painting exclusively with your hands, besides being a lot of fun because when you use a brush there are limits, which are those offered by the applicator itself, when we talk about the hands, anything goes, from using a finger as if it were a paintbrush, clapping your hands and leaving a souvenir on a T-shirt, or pulling abstract art and letting yourself go and getting lost in the process.

But this is the part we want to talk about,with our fabric paint you can lose the fear of staining your skin., if the paint has been dry for hours, you will simply need warm water or a sponge to rub it off a little before it comes off completely.

Precautions to be taken into account

There is one part that can really get complicated, which is that are the nails, sometimes it is impossible to clean them completely, that’s why, we recommend using plastic gloves if you have plastic gloves on hand., if not, you may have forgotten some of the fruit in your pocket… In any case, there are no risks whatsoever, the greatest risk is to be afraid to do what your body asks you to do artistically. at the time.

If the paint comes into contact with the mouth or eyes, do not panic., if someone has swallowed paint, I hope that by mistake, drink a lot of water and if it has been a large amount, then it is time to visit a doctor, but honestly we have never seen a case like this, as we always say, the best of all senses, is common sense.

A t-shirt with your child’s handprints or your own handprints or even your pet’s, is a precious souvenir that will last a very long time thanks to our paints.