materiales para pintar en tela

Have you ever looked at a piece of art on clothes and wondered how it was created? Or have you wanted to express your creativity through textile painting, but aren’t sure where to start? The answer to your concerns may lie in the right materials. The choice of materials for painting on fabric can make the difference between an average work of art and a masterpiece. Join us on this journey to discover the basic materials needed to paint on textile and how they can take your art to new heights.

Fabric Painting Materials: The Basics

Suitable Fabrics

Not all fabrics are the same when it comes to painting. Cotton, linen, and polyester blends are common for painting. Look for fabrics with a uniform texture and without waterproof finishes, as this may hinder the absorption of the paint.

Regular acrylic paint can be useful, but paints designed specifically for fabric offer greater flexibility and durability. They are formulated to resist washing and will not crack or fade easily.


Quality brushes are essential. Natural or synthetic bristle brushes designed for acrylics are ideal. The variety of shapes and sizes will allow the application of different techniques and styles.

Mediums and Diluents

Mediums and thinners allow altering the texture, opacity and fluidity of the paint. This gives you more control over the final appearance and allows you to experiment with different effects.

Frames and Frames

A good frame ensures that the canvas is taut and flat, making painting easier. Frames provide structureand can also be an integral part of the final presentation of the work.

Auxiliary Tools

Sponges, spatulas, and stencils can aid in paint application and allow you to experiment with textures and patterns. Mixing palettes are also essential for effective color matching.

Protection and Sealing

The use of protective aprons and covers prevents damage to your clothing and work area. In addition, sealers and finishes help protect the finished painting, ensuring that your artwork will last over time.


Painting on clothes is a rich and versatile medium that offers endless creative possibilities. Understanding and selecting the right materials for painting on fabric is the first step in this exciting artistic journey. From specific fabrics and paints to auxiliary tools and protection, each material has its purpose and contributes to the realization of your artistic vision.

If you’re looking to explore painting on fabric, be sure to invest in these basic materials. Careful choice and knowledge of each can make a difference in your experience and the quality of your work. So grab your paintbrush and get creative. The fabric is waiting to be transformed into your next masterpiece.