tipos de pinceles para tela

When we start a journey through the world of canvas painting
canvas painting
one of the first challenges is selecting the right brush. Just as a musician needs the perfect instrument, a painter needs the right brush to bring his creations to life. If you’ve ever wondered what are the types of brushes for painting on canvas and which one is best for you, you’re in the right place.

Different types of brushes and their characteristics

Round brushes

Ideal for fine lines and details. The round tip allows for variations in line thickness by simply varying the pressure.

Flat brushes

They have short, flat bristles. Perfect for covering large areas and for sweeping techniques.

Cat tongue brushes

They are a mix between round and flat brushes. Its tapered shape is excellent for detailing and also for filling in spaces.

Fan brushes

As the name suggests, they are fan-shaped. They are ideal for creating subtle textures and effects, such as grass or clouds.

Beveled brushes

The angular shape allows the creation of precise lines and is especially useful for contours and fine details.

Mop or mop brushes

With very loose bristles, they are perfect for blending or applying thin layers of paint.

Each brush has its purpose and function. Depending on the design or effect you wish to achieve, it is vital to select the right one.

Paint suitable for fabric

Acrylic paint for fabric is the most recommended. This is special because, when it dries, it is flexible, which prevents it from breaking or detaching with the movement of the fabric. It is also important to remember that, after painting, it is necessary to let it dry for approximately 24 hours, then it is advisable to iron the fabric to fix the paint, always protecting the paint with a fine cloth.

Tipos de pinceles para pintar en tela

Main techniques for painting on canvas

Shading technique

It is mainly used to give depth and dimension to images, making them appear more realistic.

Sponging technique

Using a sponge, this technique allows you to create textures and patterns on the fabric.


It is the technique of using stamps or stamps to apply paint, creating uniform patterns or specific images.

Splashing technique

Using a toothbrush or paintbrush, paint is splashed onto the fabric to achieve a “dot” or “drop” effect.


It consists of diluting the paint with water to achieve a watercolor effect.

Painting on fabric is a wonderful way to express yourself and personalize clothing, bags, curtains, among others. With the right brush and the right technique, you can transform any piece of fabric into a work of art. Ready to get started? Get a good set of brushes to paint on fabric and unleash your creativity. The canvas is waiting for you!