Proceso creativo de pintar en tela

Let’s start our design, we already have the idea we want to paint and the fabric we will work on.

It is very important to have certain accessories that will make your life easier, now we will see which ones, there are not many and of course they are things that we usually have at home, our premise is to be able to paint without that being a hole in our wallet.

It is important that the garment you are going to use, whether it is a T-shirt, a slipper or a vanity case, is clean and ironed, so that there are no wrinkles that could affect the design.

To get started we recommend using the following:

  • 2 containers with water: One of them is necessary to clean the paintbrush, and the other one to rinse it or to apply drops of water that will give more fluidity when painting.
  • Water spray: If we do not have it, we can apply water to a sponge, and we will use it to moisten the fabric where we are going to paint or with the clean brush itself just loaded with water we give a few strokes in the area where we will paint, this detail greatly facilitates the stroke, since, depending on the type of fabric, some have some resistance due to its type of fiber.
  • An adequate variety of brushes: 3-4 brushes are more than enough to cover all your needs for outlining, applying a larger amount of paint or defining lines.
  • Masking tape: An absolutely essential accessory to avoid smearing drops on the rest of the fabric, to make it easier to make lines or mark the boundaries of your design. The process of sticking on the masking tape is vital, if you do it thoroughly, the design will look exactly as you want it to.
  • A cloth to dry the brushes after cleaning them with water.
  • A wooden board, cardboard or any other rigid surface to place between the layers of the fabric to be painted, so that the paint does not transfer from one side to the other, it is also very important to do this process carefully.
  • Tweezers: The classic clothes pegs will serve perfectly to tighten the fabric with the help of the surface we have placed between the layers, thus eliminating wrinkles and facilitating the fluidity of the line.

Now you have your artistic workplace fully prepared, lose the fear of making mistakes, it doesn’t have to be perfect, so enjoy the process!